Analysis: The Humor Code

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For years now, there has been an ongoing debate whether women or men are funnier; whether it is a woman who makes the better joke or a male who makes the best cartoon caption. Throughout the popular press article, “The Humor Code” by Peter Graw and Joel Warner, they talk about the experience they had when researching their book. When researching their book, they met with humorists all around the world, seeing that most were male. When they moved on to a behind-the-scenes look at the New Yorker cartoon process in Manhattan, they also saw most of the cartoonists were men. This really made them think: Are women really less funny than men? Looking at humor research, scientists found that men were more likely than women to enjoy jokes and cartoons …show more content…
All around the world, men set the stage for comedy. As stated in “The Humor Code”, the humorists they met were all mainly men. There is hardly ever a woman that chooses to take part in comedy. The academic article does challenge my willingness to support the findings because there have been experiments that have been run. The academic article has explanations of experiments with who participated, the materials used, and the procedure all clearly laid out. The academic article gives straight facts after nicely showing how and why something is true. At the end, when the results were given, and the researchers had to draw their conclusions, not only did they state their conclusion but they also stated the possible biases and errors that may have occurred within the experiment. Including this, helps me as an audience member challenge my willingness to support these findings. The academic article is different than what is displayed in the media because it has facts and clear statistics that have been found through tedious testing of hypotheses. The academic article displays much more than what would appeal to the media, but it exemplifies trustworthy, fact-based, information. Based on the criteria developed in the last assignment, this research does seem credible. Within the academic article, when describing the outline for phase one of stage one, there were clear …show more content…
Representing scientific research in academic writing easily provides a method for scientists to communicate results of their research with other scientists. In academic writing, there is always a title and the author. A title sets the stage for everything so that the audience knows what they are about to learn about and the author helps let the audience know who conducted the experiment and did the research. As the layout of academic writing continues, we have the abstract, an introduction, and materials and methods. All of these are very important because it essentially introduces us to how the scientist went about doing this experiment. After these, the results are reported and then discussed. When reporting the results, tables and graphs are normally present and help make sense of the report. Academic writing is concluded with the acknowledgements and references reported at the end. When all of these components are present, it makes a scientific report that much easier to possibly replicate and

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