Analysis Of The Human Condition By Franz Kafka

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Franz Kafka was a tortured soul, he was a very lonely man and had no confidence in his writing. It took other people to encourage him to release his work to the public. He also was a writer that didn’t finish stories, because he felt that they were bad and not worthy of being read. Although Kafka had a hard and difficult life, it allowed him to write true and honest stories about the human condition. Throughout Kafka’s writing we see that he is curious about relationships with people. Kafka is curious about Human interaction and in his fantasy stories tries to make the reader understand how important it is for the human condition to be able to interact with others people and have an understanding of the way people think. The first story …show more content…
The sailors on the ship are the first people that he tries to imitate, once the sailors notice what he is doing they pay more attention to him. The sailors try to help him communicate. Kafka describes how the sailors do want to communicate with him. “He could not understand me, he wanted to solve the enigma of my being.” This directly displays why human interaction is so vital to the human condition. People want to understand other people, or in this case animals. The only way one does understand how a human or animal thinks is by human interaction.

The second story we read is one of Kafkas most notable works The Metamorphosis. It is based on a man named Gregor Samsa, who one morning wakes up as an insect. Gregor is surprisingly not that shocked at his transformation, but rather cares more about getting to work on time, because he is his family main source of income at the beginning of the story. He is a traveling salesmen, and it is through his job that we first see that Gregor is a lonely person and longs for companionship. Gregor describes how his job effects his social interactions. “you know very well that a traveler, who is rarely seen in the office
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This story is one in which a dog is the protagonist and he questions everything, he wants a deeper understanding of the world but cannot find it. This story seems very autobiographical to me. The dog in this story questions everything and doesn’t accept not knowing something and because this is a unusual trait it isolates him. Kafka describes the way other dogs see the world and accept it for what it is without questions. “why do I not do as others: live in harmony with my people and accept in silence whatever disturbs the harmony.” (281) The dog doesn’t understand why no one cares about questioning the world. He wants to talk interact with others and hear their view points but no one is interested in having a deep conversation about life with him. I have a feeling that this was the case in Kafka’s own life and why he felt so isolated as well. He uses his writing to ask deep questions about life and for his own interaction and that is what makes his work so interesting to

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