Analysis Of ' The House Of Mango Street ' Essay

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Men always have been the leader of the pact, but that’s not always the case. Men have always been the head of the household, or the one that’s in control of the decision, for a really many years. Esperanza sees that men have a controlling role since a young age. These experiences affect her views of men and that they are very controlling and brick in the sense that they are almost unstoppable in everyone’s eyes. In 2016, that’s not the case no more. Women have stepped up and are seen as more independent than and just as capable as men to get tasks done. Women in 2016 are seen stronger as ever and that has really changed compared to 1984.
Male characters have a huge impact to Esperanza because she notices that most of the women rely on men. The men are essentially the ones that control the household and women. Men have the upper arm in the relationship. For example, in the House of Mango street the chapter called Marin, Marin wants to marry her boyfriend that is from Puerto Rico because she’s waiting for someone to change her life. Marvin relies on a male to change her life and get her out of that neighborhood. Most women in her neighborhood are dependent on the male. Another example, in the chapter No Speak English, the woman that goes by ‘mamcita’ is controlled by her husband. He chose where they live; he doesn’t allow her out of the house for much because he doesn’t other men to be looking at her. Here is an example of a very controlling relationship and how the man has…

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