Analysis Of ' The Hoolw Men ' By T. S. Elliot Essay

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The human nature has been changing since the time the first man appeared. The natural character of the human being, his way of thinking, acting and feeling have been subject to many prior discussions. It is a well known fact that the way humans behave is a result of their interaction with the environment that they live in. In the twentieth century, the nature of humanity changed in accordance with the new environment. In this paper, these changes in the human nature will be the subject of discussion based on three poems of the same century.
“The Hoolw Men” is a poem that was written by T. S. Elliot in 1925. In his poem, Elliot is concerned with the rate at which the human moral fabric is wearing off. The decline of morality is a result of the ever evolving scientific technology and the deteriorating faith. The old beliefs are overthrown by the more modern and new forms. At the time when Elliot wrote the poem, communism and secularism were some of the most common ideologies that people believed in. Secularism entailed the lack of authority of the religious leaders, while communism disregarded private property, social classes, leadership, and government. In Elliot’s poem, the human race is left without dignity and foundation to stand on. In this context, the man is described as being hollow, meaning lacking something, and stuffed, meaning full; these are two contradicting descriptions. The human being is full of straw just like the scarecrow. He is also compared to the…

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