Analysis Of The Historical Divides : Jane Addams And Mary Richmond

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An Analysis of Historical Divides: Jane Addams and Mary Richmond
As a founder of social work, Jane Addams embraced social and economic rights in addition to social change for everyone (Anders, & da Silveira Nunes Dinis, 2015). Her work through Hull-House revealed her collaboration of culture, social, and political functions (Anders, & da Silveira Nunes Dinis, 2015). As an example, she was an advocate for women issues, believed in the removal of racisms and sexism globally, assisted with the provision of food distribution, jobs, and education through social justice (Anders, & da Silveira Nunes Dinis, 2015). Clearly, we see a demonstration of Addams being consistent with the macro practitioner with community interventions inclusive of management, organizing, researching and policy advocacy (Hill, Ferguson, & Erickson, 2010). In contrast, Mary Richmond who was also a founder of social work sought after improving the public’s understanding of the profession in hopes to advance its image in a positive way (Murdach, 2011). She was a practitioner, agency administrator, a social work author, and a pioneer whose career began at the Charity Organization Society (Murdach, 2011).
Through the written word, she would command the distinction of a valuable trained skilled social worker developing human relationships, and the ordinary individual that is helpful assisting with resources and although concerned about people, possessed no skills that was special or training in the field…

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