Analysis Of ' The Hi Desert ' Essay

712 Words May 1st, 2016 3 Pages
The hi-desert has known vortices, physical locations with intense energy. These vortices are not far from where I live. The hi-desert cast a spell all its own; a simple evening outdoors, watching the bats come out to catch insects and grace the already spectacular sky has magical mystical powers. A local concert inspires and instantaneously love fest of old friends, folks from out-of-town, and new residents.
Mr. Wonderful cast a spell while being spell-bound. The thoughtful, logical, and reasonable speech I carefully sketched out in my head disintegrated in the desert’s night air, overpowering my iron will. His words washed over me like the many starry nights I surrendered my will to and so was my surrender to his hopeful question.
“Can I kiss you?"

I was supposed to have an answer, but I was speechless. His tone had that same kid-on christmas-morning blissfully hoping for the shiny new bike. There was also an exhaustion reverberating through his words, begging me to give in to him. All I could do is look down and as the weight of my body being swept away by every force around me; his hopeful words, the beautiful, magical night, his kindness, his gentle heart, his gentle soul, and the part of my heart that had been dormant for five-year that I wasn’t sure it still existed….

I was speechless, but somehow without a word from me he had the answer he needed. Before I could fall into a faint, his arms wrapped around me, as his lips procured perfect contact with mine and once…

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