Analysis Of ' The Heart Of Darkness ' Essay

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The representation of place in the Heart of Darkness written by Joseph Conrad highlights the concept of binaries such as good and evil, civilised and non-civilised, black and white, etc. The novel’s setting illustrates humanity’s ability to succumb to primal states due to its presence in every individual’s subconscious centre. Additionally, the setting highlights historical conflicts over who the antagonist of the imperialism period really is. Lastly, the concept of a timeless setting illustrates the misconceptions of one’s civilised or non-civilised state being embedded within the individual’s subconscious, rather than influenced by external factors. These concepts are depicted through the parallelisms created between the exploration of the ‘darkness’ of the setting and the psychological trauma the character’s experience as a result of interacting with unknown, unrefined, settings.
The Heart of Darkness explores the journey of Charlie Marlow, a British seaman, who ventures into the depths of Africa as an agent working for a Belgian company involved in trading ivory. Through his journey Marlow experiences the brutality, insanity and oppression that arises between the civilized colonizers and the African natives. He recounts his journey to a ship of seamen by taking them back into the past through his narrative whilst traveling in the present up the Thames River. He recalls witnessing power struggles, descents into madness and the loss of one’s identity caused by the…

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