Essay on Analysis Of ' The Heart Of Darkness '

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Rafael needed to find something interesting to read. Her teacher had assigned her class to write an article on a book and Rafael wanted it to be a cleverly woven masterpiece. Rafael checked into her school’s library one day and carefully browsed through the selection of books until she found a book that was rumoured to be interesting and thought provoking.
“The minute I opened the book and began reading the first words, I knew I was in for a literary delight”, Rafael says, “The words speak to a person; one can imagine the scene that is being narrated. While reading the Heart of Darkness, I realized that the book was new and interesting in ways Conrad could never have imagined. “
At a first glance Conrad’s The Heart of Darkness may seem to the untrained eye of Charles Marlows’s experience as an ivory transporter down the Congo River in Central Africa and his encounter with a manager in African interior who makes himself worshipped by a group of savages. “But, there is a greater underlying meaning to the plot”, states Rafael. “This book is about a man entering Africa as a manager, and soon becomes so overcome with the lust for ivory, that he is unable to make moral decisions. In this book morals are rapidly thrown away as the characters become unable to distinguish between good and evil.” Rafael declares that they are unable to discriminate between good and evil because they are overcome with the desire for power which releases the Nefesh Habehamis, the animal part of a…

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