Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act Analysis

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All parent wants whats best for their children. One major area is the heath and well being of their children. In 2010 Michelle Obama passed the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, in attempt to stop obesity and hunger in kids across America(). Fast forward to 2015 the plan has had five years to start seeing change, it seems to be going backwards and making things worse. The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act is a legislation that was passed in 2010. It authorizes funding and sets a policy for USDA 's core child nutrition programs, like school lunches for example(). Michelle Obama was the leading advocate of the program. As First Lady of the country, she fought to bring healthy eating habits into the schools nationwide. By using the Healthy Hunger-Free …show more content…
Their requirement for the school lunch is 750-850 calories a day in an average school week. Those calories have to be met with a narrow selection of food options from the strict guidelines that have been set. On every tray there must be a serving of: protein, dairy, grains, and a fruit or vegetable. The milk that is served can’t be any kind of milk. It has to be 1% or nonfat milk. Any bread that is used must be whole grain. Then the list for restrictions on fruits and veggies is endless. With these strict guidelines and regulations, Michelle Obama hopes that their efforts will translate into children seeing and practicing eating healthy, which in turn becomes a habit that influences them, the rest of their lives. Although Michelle Obama’s campaign seems like a very noble one there are many flaws and holes in her plan that makes it obvious that it would never …show more content…
It is true the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act is trying to bring up a generation of healthy kids that will, over time, eventually phase out all the unhealthy adults. However as the saying goes, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. If adults aren’t making their own conscious decisions about what’s going into their bodies the outcome is they will still be overweight. The adults are who lead the nation, children take on the task of following. The same principle works in a classroom, the teacher is in front of the classroom showing the students how to complete a problem. Because of how they are taught to complete the problem, the students will always approach that problem the same way and get the following out come. In parallel, if the parents of the household have certain eating habits, it will affect the children, because it influences what they are being fed. For example if a parent eats fast-food on a regular basis, chances are, if their kids are with them they are not going to go out of their way to travel to Giant Eagle to buy some balanced healthy foods, rather while they are at McDonald’s, they will get something for their kids as well. Without a change that takes place throughout America in eating habits with adults there will be zero improvement in the statistics of child obesity. The kids are followers. Without a good, heathy and strong leader, they can not be expected to come to a decision that will

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