Analysis Of ' The Hands Of An Angry God ' Essay

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The role of an individual has been explored for thousands of years however there hasn’t been one solid answer. In the findings of the role of an individual many discuss the ways to reap the benefits and reason to dedicate oneself to that way of life. I believe the idea on the role of an individual is to be discovered individually as time progresses. Early American writing tried to find the purpose of life and what is needed to get done. One example is with Mourning Dove who tells a fictional story for the purpose of being honest at all time. As time goes on the question is still being asked, as it is shown with religion in Sinner in the Hands of an Angry God by Jonathan Edwards. He persuades other that they way of life is with God because they will be saved from suffering through the belief. Another author, Thomas Jefferson, shows a different type of benefit that could be obtained from perfection. The text that best defines the role of an individual is Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson because it shows the need for individuality, interconnection to the natural world, and to be diverse.
The first reason why Self-Reliance best defines the role of an individual is to strive for individuality. Ralph Waldo Emerson demonstrates this idea by stating that every man has their own portion to fulfill which successfully gives the person to access to the worlds good. He demonstrates many of his idea by expressing the ideals transcendentalism to trusting oneself. Also it shows how a…

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