Essay about Analysis Of ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Eddie gasps of amazement. Her old classic bungalow home, once owned by her parents, was still vibrantly coated with her mother’s garden flowers.
The front and rear garden are overflowing with Hibiscus 'Blue Ballerina ' in its deep blue with a dainty red eye, Lilac in its reddish purple, Black Knight Butterfly Bush in its rich purples and dark blues, along with few other flowers.
The exuberance, color shades were a must in her mother’s garden, she loved the way the flowers stood out and how it attracts the many colorful butterflies that just can’t seem to resist the sweet scented blooms.
Taking in the beautiful view in the driver’s seat of her rented vehicle, Eddie parked in the driveway and swifts out of the vehicle to collect her luggage from the trunk. Striding up the steps of the main entrance porch to the entryway, she places her luggage aside and paces back down the steps where a lovely garden pathway invites and guides her around the house emphasizing the beauty of the flowers with their sweet fragrance sent.
The genuinely bright green lawn caught Eddie’s curiosity as she bends down to feel the healthy thick grass between her fingers and loving the smell that fills the ground. The garden pathway leads her back to the main entrance porch where a beautiful porch bench waits. Oh, how she would remember her mother enjoying her quiet times on the bench with a good book in her hand.
Eddie sat in the same spot her mother once sat. Silent witness her thoughts…

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