Analysis Of ' The Great Gatsby ' And ' Macbeth ' Essay

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Critical Analysis Review for The Great Gatsby and Macbeth


1.Summary: The three witches tell Banquo and Macbeth about the prophecies, Macbeth will become King and Banquo will be a father of a line of kings. Banquo is sceptical of what is being said to him and Macbeth is hesitant to believe them at first. Ross told Macbeth that the king gave him the title of thane of cawdor and now he believed the witches.

How: Macbeth was behaving timidly, when he got told the news by Ross he automatically thought about killing the king to make the last prophecy become a reality. Macbeth was horrified of his own idea, but knew that was his only way of becoming king.

Why: Macbeth was acting this way because he knows that killing the king is wrong. He’s related to him and thinks Duncan is a great king and Macbeth was loyal to him.

2. Summary: Macbeth had sent his wife a letter explaining the witches prophecies to her. Lady Macbeth was determined to make the king prophecy become a reality. She believes that Macbeth will not be capable of killing Duncan. Lady Macbeth get’s told that Duncan is on his way to their home so she asks the spirits of darkness to fill her with evil and strip her of her femininity so she can have the power to carry out her plan of killing the king.

How: Lady Macbeth was behaving in an aggressive evil manner. She automatically thought of a plan to kill Duncan and was not hesitant about it. Lady Macbeth told the spirits of darkness to strip her of all…

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