Essay about Analysis Of ' The Grapes Of Wrath '

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Chapters twenty six through thirty give a climatic ending to The Grapes of Wrath. The very final chapter took me by surprise the most and I had to pause in my reading to go back over the section to make sure I wasn’t misreading anything. These last five chapters also help to give further support to several conclusive themes, such as family and unity. They go full circle, demonstrating how the characters and the migrants have changed since being pushed from their lands. This character development also helps to show the readers just how extensive and devastating the dustbowl was. All in all, while I did not particularly like The Grapes of Wrath per say, it was an interesting read, especially in these last few final chapters.
A month later, and the Joads leave Weedpatch in favor of picking peaches at the Hooper ranch in chapter twenty six. There’s an angry mob of picketers when they arrive, and the conditions are rough. However, they continue to make do with what they have. Ma Joad observes that she’s "learnin ' all the time, ever ' day. If you 're in trouble or hurt or need – go to poor people. They 're the only ones that 'll help – the only ones" (376). Joad stumbles across Reverend Jim Casy and his crew during this chapter as well. Casy tells the story of a man that had “been tryin’ to start a union. Got one started. An’ then them vigilantes bust it open... Them very folks he been tryin’ to help tossed him out” (385). This line shows how quickly these groups fall apart when…

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