Essay about Analysis Of ' The Grande Restaurant '

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The Grande Restaurant was an upscale restaurant in town. Being Sunday it will be very busy and most people would be dressed in a more casual after church attire. She changed into multiple outfits and laid the matching sets out on the mattress. Brooke compared each and scrutinized the pro and con of each. Her black pants and favorite sweater that perfectly matched her newly bought scarf was chosen. Brooke carefully dressed and draped the scarf around her shoulders. The reflection in the mirror gave her a sense of relief. She looked forward to lunch. This was something her and David hardly ever did. Her husband would rather stay home and prepare a meal at home. As Brooke drove to the parking lot she looked for Leon’s white BMW. She noticed him sitting in his car as she turned the corner Brooke parked next to his. He dropped down the passenger window. “Come in Brooke”, Leon urged invitingly. “I have something to show you. Lets go for a ride unless of course you are hungry.” She shook her head no. ”I can wait till we get back.” He drove for miles. They enjoyed the ride with the windows wide-open and soft music playing. He talked about the passing cars or people on the streets. Finally they reached a beautiful park, one that she never had been to before. The roses were stunning and the landscape appeared immaculately manicured. Rows and rows of colorful rosebuds appeared in shades of red, pink, yellow, and white. They appeared in such an orderly fashion they…

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