The Glass Menagerie

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The Glass Menagerie is one the plays that Tennessee Williams is most known for. This story takes place with a gentlemen by the name of Tom reflecting back on his memories of his sister Laura and his mother Amanda. We watch as this story unfolds and how each of these characters interact with each other while they try to work though many personal and social problems. By exploring a few literary elements such as theme, symbol and characterization, you as the reader can understand the depth of each character in this memory play.
Escaping and dealing reality is one of the main personal and social problems each character faces while being the overall theme of this play. Tom the narrator, often dreams of leaving his family to travel and pursue writing.
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Another stated that supports this is, “That beauty is also symbolized by Laura’s favorite among the animals in her glass menagerie, the fabled, otherworldly unicorn, as well as by the place where Laura has spent many of her afternoons.” Laura escapes her reality by creating other worlds that her miniature glass animals live …show more content…
Laura is a very delicate and shy person, she has a limp that greatly affects her self-esteem. Towards the end of the play she is able to reconcile a lot of issues that have held her back when she dances with Jim the boy she has been in love with since high school. Her mother Amanda is what most people would consider a southern bell, she had a proper upbringing but is stuck in the past because she cannot deal with her current reality. Amanda always talks about all the suitors that would visit her and becomes obsessed with having male suitors come for dinner to visit her daughter. She is overbearing and suffocates her children with her love. Even when she knows that she is smothering them, Amanda still does not want to face the truth of what her life has come to. Her son Tom, the one Amanda smothers the most is pushed till he decides to leave home in search for adventure. Amanda always accuses him of being just like his father which actually ends up being the case. At the end of the story Tom shows regret and guilt for his sister and that he left her behind. He is somewhat selfish and regrets it at the end when he reflects back on his life. Williams states this about Amanda, ““There is much to admire in Amanda, and as much to love and pity as to laugh at. Certainly she has endurance and a kind of heroism, and though her foolishness makes her unwittingly

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