Analysis Of ' The Garden Of Eden ' Essay

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Three important themes to consider when reading the Hebrew Bible are God’s relationship with humanity, humanity’s attempt to be like God, and humanity’s disobedience of God. These themes are important in any religious text because they are crucial to understanding the human condition and the purpose of human existence. Genesis reveals how God’s relationship changes because of disobedience, as well as how a desire to be equal to God motivates disobedience. This is important in how it explains the ultimate reason humans sin and how it affects God’s relationship with humanity.
The story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden depicts a different relationship between God and man than is expressed anywhere else in the Hebrew Bible. God takes walks with humanity, provides them with all the food and water needed to take care of themselves and the animals. After Eve and Adam eat fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, God comes to walk with Ada m and Eve in the garden. This implies that this is a regular routine for God to walk in the garden with humanity. This particular time is the last. God has to protect the humans from himself by banishing them from the garden before they eat fruit from the tree of life and are doomed to live forever in their tainted state. In addition Adam and, in consequence, the entire human race, now has to work hard to grow and collect food, while Eve must endure tremendous pain during childbirth. This marks a change in the relationship…

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