Analysis Of ' The Garden Of Eden ' Essay

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ultures of human culture, those being “leavers” and “takers”. His first allusion, a biblical reference to the fall of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden is actually the story of when the leaver and taker cultures separated historically. Ishmael explains that after eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, humans gained what they thought was “the knowledge of the gods”. This is where the leaver culture, which modern man descends from, developed an attitude that their way of life was the right way and that it should be spread. Takers began to believe that entire purpose of evolution was the arrival of mankind on the planet, and that we are here to dominate all, or that all resources on earth are ours to exploit. Commonly, this attitude would be called anthropomorphism. This attitude is explained through Ishmael’s discussion of the creation myth. In reiterating a discussion amongst the gods, where they considered what would happen if Adam ate from the tree, Ishmael recounts, “None of our creatures will ever be master of the knowledge of who shall live and who shall die, this knowledge is ours alone…If Adam should eat of our tree, there’s no telling how he might deceive himself…Believing himself our equal he would be capable of anything. In his arrogance he might say to himself, ‘Why should I have to share the fire of life with all these creatures…This is evil. I will kill all these creatures and this will be good…And look here, the gods have set a limit on my…

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