Essay about Analysis Of The Franklin Roosevelt 's New Deal

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This website review is on shmoop and the Franklin Delanor Roosevelt’s New Deal from his first election in 1932 to the end of the New Deal and beginning of world war two in 1939. After reading about the New Deal in Chapter 24 and my interest in the roaring 20’s, and my love of studying world war two, I had never really learned about the true tough times the United States had for over nine years. Because of this, I chose this website because it gave me a deeper understanding of the great depression and FDR before his famous speech after Pearl Harbor. Shmoop’s FDR New Deal section grabbed my attention right off the bat with its goofy yet informational youtube clip about the New Deal. Over the duration of this class I have always been enamored by wars and fighting. However, I never really thought about how years leading up to wars truly effect a nation. FDR and his New Deal put that into perspective for me by introducing the time period and notion of the people which ultimately put Roosevelt into office. From my time in high school when I learned the New Deal, I had the notion that it saved our nation. This website changed my mind about this, especially when you look at the facts, and the true purpose of the New Deal. Was it a success or a failure? The New Deal goal was to provide relief, reform and recover the once booming nation. With that being said, smhoop broke down scoring into the three R’s. To create relief FDR created millions of new jobs, bridges, dams, and highways we…

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