Analysis Of The Flashes

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The most current edition of the Flashes is the 2016-2017 school years’ budget. This is considered the spring edition and contains some of the most important information to build good public relation. The letter from the Superintendent is clearly visible on the front, with a few keywords in block print. The letter starts out by summarizing the successes of the school in terms of QSAC and the HIB report card. Then the superintendent mentions the issues the school is facing in terms of budget and how he will fix the problem. While a tax levy is needed, the superintendent assures homeowners of how much of an increase they will see. As a homeowner, I would like to see the projected amount of the tax increase. Seeing such a small number would not make too many people angry. However, what might make people angry is the fact that the User-Friendly Budget was published as part of the newsletter. This document is confusing to begin with, let along shrinking it into 2 pages. I would have liked to see a smaller, more easy to read budget published instead. I would also mention that the full budget is available online. I would also have a picture of various activities from …show more content…
Once they were shown a copy, many more students recognized it but mentioned that they thought that the school stopped publishing it. It was not a surprise that all the 100 percent of the students used the school’s home pages at least once in the last month. All students are required to use the website to check their homework or use it to check their grades. By having Flashes more visible on the school’s webpage and having it created by the students, more people would view the articles. To increase the number of visits to the page, an informational sign-up sheet should be sent home at the beginning of the school year. This would inform people that the school has social media and thus they will be able to read the

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