Analysis Of The First Season Of So You Think You Can Dance Canada

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The case study written by Jade Boyd titled‘‘Hey, We’re from Canada but We’re Diverse, Right?’’: Neoliberalism, Multiculturalism, and Identity on So You Think You Can Dance Canada”. Boyd (2012 : 259) discusses how dance as a subject in context to a popular reality television show emphasizes individualism, hard work and competitiveness rather than freedom, affinity and authenticity. The author further states the purpose of the Canadian version becoming multicultural compared to other versions. In this case study, analysis of the first season of So You Think You Can Dance Canada (SYTYCDC) is derived from a larger research project. The project conducted by Boyd studies content from Performance, Spectacle and Nation: Dancing Primetime. Boyd (2012 : 263) expressing how neoliberalism, multiculturalism and identity are concepts that embody the transformation of an individual. These concepts are introduced through different aspects of the show. The concept of neoliberalism is introduced in relation to production of content. The concept of multiculturalism introduces the analysis of auditions and the concept of identity is expressed through various individuals in the article. Moreover, the article informs the audience about these concepts present in popular television that media consumers consistently overlook. Boyd’s (2012) case study of SYTYCD in relation to neoliberalism, multiculturalism and identity based on an approach to interpret dance is a subject of social…

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