Analysis Of The Film ' The Skin I Live ' Essay

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A woman’s silhouette is seen through barred frosted windows. The camera cuts to a surveillance camera and zooms out to reveal that woman in a skin colored bodysuit stretched out on a moss green sofa like a marble sculpture. She appears to have no contact with the world outside except through the intercom and dumbwaiter. Her room is populated by reproductions of Louise Bourgeois’ fabric works created by ripping apart the dresses in her closet that she refuses to wear, and covered by texts that line every inch of the wall. Pedro Almodóvar’s 2011 film The Skin I Live In, adapted from Thierry Jonquet’s 1984 novel Tarantula, tells the story of Vicente/Vera, played by Jans Cornet and Elena Anaya, who is imprisoned in the mansion of a deranged plastic surgeon named Robert Ledgard, played by Antonio Banderas. The two characters’ fates intertwine after Vicente attempts to rape Robert’s emotionally unstable daughter Nora, which eventually leads to her suicide. Consequently, Robert kidnaps Vicente, and forces him to undergo a sex change operation, skin transplants, cosmetic surgery, and name change in order to become Vera, who is made to the measure of Robert’s own desires. A recurring theme within the oeuvre of Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar remains this innate belief in art’s ability to covey human experience and emotions in a way that language is incapable of. In many instances of Almodóvar’s films, life is imitating art and art is imitating life––suggesting that the very act of…

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