Analysis Of The Film ' The Shadow Of Feeling ' Essay

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In the film, In the Shadow of Feeling, they speak about many different psychopaths and what they did or did not do to be labeled this way. There was a boy mentioned named Jonathan, who was seventeen at the time, who has been labeled a psychopath because he committed first degree murder when he killed his former best friend and classmate Mike. Jonathan claims to have He killed a classmate because he was bullied by him after their friendship fell apart. According to the film there is about 15 to 25% of prison inmates who are labeled a psychopath along with 1% of general population. (Law, 2007). After the seventh grade Mike and Jonathan’s friendship went south and Mike started to bully Jonathan. Jonathan had started telling his classmates that he was going to kill somebody but after sometime no one believed him anymore. Throughout history, treatment for psychopaths were formed in a variety of treatments. Doctors and facilitators persuaded treatment with psychopaths by enforcing alcohol use, drug use, and even radical methods of treatment that would bring the psychotic tendencies out in the person. Treatments were decided based on the specific individual’s needs/problems. In order to be labeled a psychopath, a person must first demonstrate a few characteristics. In order to be considered a psychopath, they must be able to see fear in victims and not get caught. Many psychopaths have taught themselves or learned from others to not feel fear.They are able to fake fear and other…

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