Analysis Of The Film ' The Australian Cinema ' Essay

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The Australian Cinema itself is a form of art that everyone sees differently. When a filmmaker, is making a film he/she will try to show the viewer its perspective through different forms of art, art such as: shots, setting, story boards, and the film itself. In Peter Weir: Interviews Boyd stated that, “it takes a while to master the art and craft of Cinematography”(pg. 24) it is not easy to make a film without visuals and art. Creativity is essential in making a film the best it can be. The creativity allows a filmmaker to show its audience what he/she is visualizing in his own head. The art is in everything, film included. Art in filmmaking can be describe in so many ways, but everyone describes it in their own way. Art is a way to express yourself, and in film you do it through visual images.

In Filmmaking, the economy is a big factor for a film to work. When someone wants to make a film, the first thing they have think about is the budget. Depending on the budget, then they will be able to work out: what they need? and how much they can do with what they have.
The Australian Film Commission_, got approximately $6 million, half of which went directly to the Australian Cinema. When the color cinema was introduced on the big screen the money began to decrease, which was odd. Everyone would have expected that as the color cinema hit the theaters that the money would boast in high percentages, but that didn 't happen.
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