Analysis Of The Film ' Of Two Minds ' Essay

726 Words Oct 3rd, 2016 3 Pages
“Of Two Minds” was an extremely moving film to me. There were multiple times throughout the film where I actually had tears swelling up in my eyes. Personally, I think they did a great job displaying what it is like to live with bipolar disorder. All the various stories from everyone in the film really proved that even though they have the same disorder, it effects everyone so differently. What really shocked me was the descriptions of when they were experiencing mania. Before listening to what they were saying about it, I never really knew what “mania” was. An example that made me understand it better was when Liz was saying that you have no body issues during it, but when she is in her “normal state” she does not have those same thoughts. Another mania example that stood out to me was when Cheri said, “When I’m manic the sky is bluer than it could ever possibly be.” I think these things shocked me because I never really had a clear understanding of what mania was before. Hearing about this amazed me because I never really thought that was possible or the extent that these kind of episodes can go to. When they talked about the depression side of bipolar, I was able to connect more closely with these symptoms. A couple years ago I lived with depression for a long time before getting help. My situations were certainly different than the people in the film, but having those experiences helped me understand more clearly how they were feeling during that state of depression.…

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