Analysis Of The Film ' Huckleberry Finn ' Essay

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The Spotlight on Cultural Detriments Due to Society’s Benefits in Huckleberry Finn
All around the world, cultures evolve and possess different traits. However, society likes to condemn cultures, ethnicities, and races that are different from it’s own, and place them on a lower level. Racism exists throughout the world, and is not classified merely as whites against blacks. In the recent Ferguson shooting, a white cop shot a black man, and the whole community bonded over the death of the man and called it a racial issue. For as long as humanity has walked the Earth, racism has existed. In the novel, Huckleberry Finn, racism evolves throughout the novel, just as it evolves throughout society. In the skeptical novel, Mark Twain identifies the issue of race, in order to question the positivity that society seeks from racial discrimination.
BENEFITS SOCIETY FINDS Society seeks benefits from racism, or it could not exist. Unless society finds a reward out of the hate, it would not create it. Society finds racism as a necessity to life. It uplifts those cultures that one finds supreme. It creates a hierarchy for one culture to manipulate and degrade another with. John H Wallace argues that Twain facilitates the hierarchy that Huckleberry Finn encourages:
For the past forty years, black families have trekked to schools in numerous districts throughout the country to say “This book is not good for our children,” only to be turned away by insensitive and often…

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