Essay on Analysis Of The Film ' Hamlet '

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Kenneth Branagh encountered a seemingly insurmountable challenge when he began to refashion one of the greatest plays of all time, Hamlet, into film. Despite this challenge, Branagh was hugely successful in bringing his vision for Hamlet to life. It is obvious that Branagh greatly respects and admires Hamlet, so much so that he created an unabridged film of the play. This translated to the film having an uncut running time of four hours and two minutes (IMDb, n.d.). In addition to directing the 1996 film, Branagh skillfully portrays the role of Hamlet himself. Branagh brings a true sense of reality to Hamlet with his superb use of visual effects, his dedication to the story, and his clear understanding of who and what Hamlet is.
Throughout the film, Branagh takes full advantage of the ability to film on a set. Shown in basic ways, such as the way Branagh presents a greater sense of movement in the film than could be presented on a stage, the visual appeal of the film is astonishing. Hamlet and other characters are often walking, or even running, from room to room of the mansion. Because of a more limited ability to change scenery so often in a play, this brings about a sense of realism to the film––despite the fact that the film takes place in the nineteenth century, rather than the fifteenth or sixteenth. Though this added movement is not necessary for a play, it is necessary when converting a play to a film.
There are several more visual elements in addition to the…

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