Heroic Figures In The Film Fifty Shades Of Grey

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While viewing the film Fifty Shades of Grey, I was not only amazed by Christian’s character, but I was also sadden by his lifestyle and childhood experience. Growing up, Christian was a victim of sexual abuse. As a result of his past, he portrays characteristics such as, stone-hearted, evasive, unfathomable, and mysterious. In addition, Christian is also perceived as a self-made billionaire, handsome, smart, charming, and secretly practices BDSM which is “a condensed abbreviation for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism” (Green 2015). Upon meeting Anastasia, a college student, Christian was surprised when she revealed that she was a virgin. Regardless, Christian became obsessed by her presence and both individuals share the need for a …show more content…
Ideally, women do not play heroic figures in Hollywood films, especially one that is consist of sexual violence. I felt like I was walking in Lisbeth’s shoe during the film, but I was unaware of what is to come. For example, during the scene where Lisbeth met her guardian, Bjurman for the first time, I was not surprised by his controlling behavior. I was also not shocked when he raped Lisbeth and started battering her in a sexually sadistic way. But instead, Lisbeth started to excel and conquered misogynistic men throughout the film. Stewart reminds us that, films that include sexual violence towards women are “usually built upon our subliminal acceptance that a woman is, by her very nature, an invitation to irrational aggression from men” (Stewart 1995, 53). That is to say, ideology of patriarchy asserts men are superior and women inferior – hence men can abuse women to enforce their status at top of the hierarchy (Sheffield 1987). Unfortunately, for women that is not the

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