Analysis Of The Film ' Django Unchained ' Essay

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“Django Unchained” is a Western-American film that was written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. The film was released in 2012. The film takes place throughout the western United States and the Antebellum South. The film follows a slave—through a series of odd events—turned freeman who is played by Jamie Foxx and his partner Dr. King Shultz who is played by Christopher Waltz. Other notable actors include: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington, and even Quentin Tarantino explodes into the cast.
The story begins with Django on a “chain gang” traveling across country to be sold at an auction in South Carolina. Dr. Shultz appears from the shadows one night, engages the merchants who are transporting Django and a dozen other slaves. Shultz is a bounty hunter—disguised as a traveling dentist—who wishes to purchase Django. Django, being a particular slave from a particular plantation, leads Shultz to believe that he contains crucial information that is applicable to his bounty hunting business. The merchants refuse sale and Dr. Shultz takes matters into his own conniving little German hands. Which lead to a series of shocking, albeit necessary events, that ultimately persuade Django 's owners to ‘give’ him to the dentist. Dr. Shultz then frees Django and they embark on a journey to find and kill the Brittle Brothers: criminals with bounties, living incognito as every day slavers on a plantation. Criminals whom Django knew personally. After this first successful bounty, Shultz…

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