Essay about Analysis Of The Film ' District 9 '

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While what constitutes as film realism is a debated subject, as it depends on the social understanding of the person viewing the media (Branston, Stafford, 1996). “District 9” (Blomkamp,2009) can be considered as a film which encapsulates aspects of realism such as social realism and documentary realism. It is because of this “District 9” (Blomkamp, 2009) challenges audience’s expectations of science fiction films with its hybridized narrative which weaves in and out of storytelling styles/modes to create realism. Blomkamp uses the four elements of film style such as cinematography, sound, mise-en scene and editing to create and shift between film styles such as the reflexive/ mockumentary documentary style (Ward,2012) and a standard classic Hollywood narrative style (Speigel, 2012). During the film’s opening act, the film expertly creates a realistic tone with the documentary film style it uses. As an audience we are familiar with this style being used to tell non-fiction stories, stories that are based in our reality (Ward,2016). Audiences can immediately recognize the style due to the standard documentary techniques used throughout other documentary films. These techniques being the documentary camera acting as a character/object in the film, characters setting up microphones on themselves, handheld camera work, minimal lighting, lack of colour correction and the medium close up interview shots of subjects interwoven with overlay (b-roll) (Ward,2012). These techniques…

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