Analysis Of The Film ' Blazing Saddles ' By Mel Brooks Essay

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In the satirical film Blazing Saddles directed by Mel Brooks in 1974 his main objective was to poke fun at the genre of western films. Mel Brooks is famous for producing many other satirical films but Blazing Saddles is considered one of the most comical movies of all time. Every western film contains the same three elements which are a sheriff, gunslinger and a villain. With these elements in mind Mel Brooks decided to add a more modern twist to a western film and that twist was racism. Mel Brooks uses effective satirical techniques to provide an in depth critique of political and racial stereotypes throughout his film. Based in the wild west of the 1870’s, Blazing Saddles incorporates almost all racial stereotypes known to man. The movie follows an African American railroad worker by the name of Bart. Bart soon leaves his hob working on the railroad to become the first African American sheriff of Rock Ridge. He was named the sheriff of Rock Ridge because a racist government official by the name of Hedley Lamarr wanted to drive out the citizens of Rock Ridge to make way for his new railroad that is being built. Originally, the people of Rock Ridge were mortified that a African American sheriff came to protect their town but they eventually came to like Bart and his gunslinger friend Gene Wilder because they were the only defense standing in the way of Hedley Lamarr’s thugs that were trying to get rid of the towns population in order to make way for the new railroad. Mel…

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