Analysis Of The Film ' Amandla ' The Song ' Essay

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The power of people is in the music that they produce. Culture in society can be used to refer the music, poetry graphic arts theatre dance, crafts and other people arts .Art is used as a symbol of preserving and strengthening culture .For a long time music have been used to bridge people who are not in good terms on the other hand they are used as a mode of communication that may not be available to police and government .Songs were also used to communicate information across the cultural racial borders. In South Africa the culture that is evident in arts songs, dances and crafts played a major role in rebellion process. As Sufis Ntuli says in the film Amandla “the song is something that I used to communicate to the people who will not understand where it is coming from”. He says that “it possible to give a long political speech and people may not have an opportunity to understand, but teach them a song they will be able to grasp the content very fast”
A song has a lot of power since it is able to communicate across the opposing cultural dogmas thus it can play a very crucial role in the event of a nationalist struggle. The music and the dances that are used in the film Almaldra are set in such a way that they will bring up communal ownership of liberation songs; the adaptability of this message within the movement in the dances gives space for strengthening, mobilizing and also unifying the community. The viewers of the film Amandla may think that music does not bring…

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