Analysis Of The Film ' 12 Years A Slave ' By Director Steve Mcqueen

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Slavery is a big part of our history, and what we stand for today with equality, freedom and justice for all. To many historians’ and the people, slavery was a period in history when racism, segregation and cruelty was established and performed. There was no conception of the depth degradation would form as many suffered. Many amendments, laws and political decisions eventually came to be agreed upon that altered the way the country ran, from deciding freedmen’s place to the creation of new legal systems that would overthrow. However, during this period “slavery was antithetical to English identity in the early modern period” (Herman). In the film “12 years a slave”, director Steve McQueen helps you envision and live the life of a slave capturing the meaning of cruelty and what it is to battle for the detainment in dignity. A following journey is shared of a young freed black man’s life who is challenged once more with both his abduction and his selling into slavery during the abolitionism period. The production is well-performed and captivating as you experience the depict world of a slave’s life with brutality, exploitation, and tyranny with a sense of hope, love and kindness. There is no exaggeration of the wrongs that were inflicted during the time of slavery, on the contrary the film implements a perfect picture of many lives. It is based on an incredible true story of one man’s fight for survival and freedom, Solon Northup. The film is Centre on…

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