Analysis Of The Film ' 12 Angry Men ' Essay

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Guilty or not guilty is a life threatening question for an eighteen-year-old boy in the film 12 Angry Men who has been tried for a first-degree murder. The eighteen-year-old boy has been accused of stabbing his own father and the case has been left in the hands of a twelve-man jury in which a guilty verdict mean the automatic death of the boy. Throughout the film, we are able to recognize various communication skills that the twelve individuals display.
There are two types of leaders shown in this film. Since the beginning of the film juror number eight demonstrated to be an emergent leader by not being a follower even though he was the only one who pleaded not guilty and was willing to stand alone against the rest of the jury who pleaded guilty. The second was a designated leader because the man was already appointed to be the spokesman. Juror number eight displays the democratic and laissez-faire leadership theory which best describes the leadership of the group since he overpowers everyone else. Juror number eight is constantly asking others for their input to the extent in which he proposed for them to take a vote in order for him to see where everyone stood and give a chance to the timid jurors to voice their true opinion. He was self-controlled because he listened and didn’t lose his temper while trying to make everyone comfortable by trying to connect on a personal level. Laissez-faire is used because he only points out the inconsistent points being made…

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