Essay on Analysis Of ' The Female Patriots '

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In “The Female Patriots” Griffitts is appealing to the masses that do not have the right to vote and can display their power through that of purchasing. Griffitts appeals to the more honorable approach of sending the message to England by hitting them in the purse. At this time in our history woman were not in a position of power as they are today. The decision makers rallied for violent means to an end, while the women sat dutifully in the background feeding their families. What Griffitts was able to do through her poem was call to the “Daughters of Liberty” to rise and take a stand against the tyranny imposed on the masses by England (547).
Griffitts was able to sell a sense of patriotism to the woman’s nation. She was able to plant the seeds of making a difference for the infant country in a section of the country that until this point had been sadly underutilized. Griffitts suggests boycotting those products which are taxable by England. Griffitts says “As American Patriots our Taste we deny – “(Griffitts 547) suggesting that the Americans do without to send a silent nonviolent message to the King that they will not waiver in their pursuit for freedom.
In “Common Sense”, Thomas Paine made very valid points for the complete separation from the King of England. In modern times I feel that his points are best explained that sometime change is needed for growth and opportunity. Paine addresses that just because the settlers of our country only knew of the…

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