Analysis Of ' The Favorite Sister Daisy ' Essay

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If Arthur Pottinger had his way, his favorite sister Daisy would have achieved her goal to be a registered nurse. Since Daisy turned five years old, she chose a nursing career and the Pottinger family applauded her choice. That was until Veda Pottinger left home for employment in Kingston the big city. After that, everything changed for the family.

Alexander Pottinger managed a fifty-acre farm in Salem, a well-known coastal village in St Ann, rural Jamaica. He lived with his wife Lavinia Pottinger and their seven children Arthur, Claude, Gladys, Eric Veda, Daisy and Victor. Eight-year-old Daisy, the favorite and last girl adored Arthur, her seventeen-year-old brother and often accompanied him on the early morning trips to the dairy. Arthur loathed waking up at four am each day and vowed to leave home at the first opportunity. He regretted leaving Daisy, but he hated dairy farming. He liked business, manufacturing and trading. He planned to pay for her studies because he wanted her to achieve her goal. Her empathetic and nurturing qualities, would equip her for an excellent nursing career. Like a daughter, she trailed behind him, bouncing, skipping, and laughing, always happy. He taught her to swim, fish, ride a horse and a bike. On Sundays, he took her to Sunday school at Salem Baptist Church, where his dad 'Busha Potts ' preached on alternate Sundays. Daisy might have received less attention than the other children, if Arthur had not taken a special…

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