Analysis Of The Fault In Our Stars By John Green

Movies are a pastime activity that everyone can enjoy. They lend discussion topics to viewers, and in some cases, even create controversy. The movie, The Fault in Our Stars, was written by John Green and displays good quality that leads the viewer on an emotional rollercoaster while watching it play out. It displays various aspects throughout the movie that make it more enjoyable for the viewer. The quality of a movie is one of the most important things a director has to think about when he or she is in production. In The Fault in Our Stars, the director, Josh Boone, did a phenomenal job in the quality department. He coached the actors to display emotion in a way that grabs tight around your heart. The flow of the movie is also something that needs to be practically flawless, in which he did a fantastic job at accomplishing, along with the camera shots used in the film. Unfortunately this film was not perfect. In my opinion, the film …show more content…
I believe this is to ensure the viewer will receive maximum satisfaction from watching the movie. As a producer takes multiple shots, he or she will also take them from multiple different angles. The camera shots are in so many different places and directed toward a certain object to help the movie form flawlessly. Josh Boone used different angles to improve the quality of the movie. Each scene had a camera taken from different angles. A common example of this is when two characters are talking to each other close together. One camera will record one character while a separate camera will record the other person. This gives the illusion of being in the conversation with them as a bystander. It gives the viewer another option of feeling included in the movie and brings them closer to the characters by creating an unspoken bond. The viewers of The Fault in Our Stars commonly felt included in the movie when the producer directed the different angles for

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