Character Analysis: The Fault In Our Stars

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"Because overall health generally declines as people get older, they are more susceptible to mild illnesses that younger people may effectively fight off." (Sanderson, pp. 347). For this reason, we can see more adults making appointments to see their health care provider for a regular health maintenance checkup. Unlike the majority of older people, most young adults go undiagnosed for a certain period of time until a disease has reached advanced stages and is more difficult to manage. This assertion is due to the fact that many young people do not see themselves at risk of acquiring a disease easily, which could only be prevented by a physical examination. Generally, it is in this age group that health problems occasionally show symptoms that would urge them to seek medical attention. Therefore, people who are diagnosed with a chronic illness often experience an endless …show more content…
In "The Fault in Our Stars, both perceived emotional support and belongingness support are to some extend discussed. For instance, when Hazel arrives at home, she, unfortunately, gets into a fight with her mom. The only thing Hazel wants is that her parents could have a life after she is gone. Then, Hazel 's mother tells her daughter that she is taking some online classes to get her master 's in social work, "But if I get my MSW, I can counsel families in crisis or lead groups dealing with illness in their families," (TFIOS, pp. 297), and that she wants to be a Support Group leader because she and her husband, "have both been worried that you (she) will feel abandoned. It is important for you (her) to know that we will always be here for you, Hazel" (TFIOS, pp. 297), so that Hazel can feel that she is not alone during that hard

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