Analysis Of The Executive Director Of Veterans Essay example

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Good Evening,
Thanks, Ken. I’m Ben Stahl, the Interim Executive Director of Veterans Leadership Program of Western Pennsylvania.
Tonight we are here to pay Tribute to our nation 's Veterans. This event brings together Veterans from all generations to not only to share that which we have in common, but also to celebrate those whose accomplishments demand recognition, and to honor those whose sacrifices to our nation we must hold sacred.
Growing up in the Mon Valley in the 1980’s, I have witnessed the collapse of the steel industry, I have seen neighborhoods fall into decay; I have seen families broken up because of poverty. I have felt the effects of rust belt as it tightened its grip on our region. And so, for most kids from these communities where the only option for success is to get out, the military proves to be an attractive option. To a 19-year-old kid from some of the neighborhoods in our region, Bootcamp is a welcome and refreshing change of pace from a life where you don’t know who the enemy is; at least in the military the enemy typically wears a different uniform. But when they get out, when WE get out, what then? The store fronts are still boarded up, there is still crime, there is still unemployment, and there is still poverty. You have changed, but your community often has not. This is where we must rely on the strength of the Veterans community to give a hand up by providing the Veteran with the resources they need to not only bring their…

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