Essay about Analysis Of ' The Ethics Of Compassion '

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In “The Ethics of Compassion”, The Dalai Lama explains how we should strive for fulfillment of having compassion towards everyone and not just the people closest to us. The Dalai Lama himself has not accomplished such a task, “Most people, including myself, must struggle even to reach the point where putting others’ interests on a par with our own becomes easy” (Dalai Lama). It takes time to be able to have compassion towards people you don’t even know, but it must be understood that everyone wants the same thing, happiness. The Dalai Lama successfully connects to the reader using examples that the reader can relate to in their lives that appeal to logos and pathos. The Dalai Lama uses the rhetorical analysis technique of logos by stating that the idea of compassion has been seen repeatedly throughout religion, and this makes the reader think compassion is something logical. The article states, “all the world’s major religions stress the importance of cultivating love and compassion” (The Dalai Lama). He uses the statement above to persuade the reader that since religions emphasize compassion, then it is something that can become important in a person’s daily life because religion is a source that is widely credible. The Dalai Lama uses the statement as reliable evidence and therefore this is more likely to persuade the reader.
The article also uses a hypothetical example of a doctor that has ten patients who are very sick and need medical attention to appeal to the…

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