Analysis Of ' The Empathy Exams ' By Leslie Jamison Essay

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Everyone in today’s society shows emotion in different ways. We tend to see people as those that are either compassionate and caring or passive and emotionless. Throughout the essay, “The Empathy Exams” by Leslie Jamison, she mentions the topic of empathy constantly. Empathy allows one to put themselves in someone else’s shoes and acts as an emotion that most people possess, but don’t often care much to use, along with empathy there’s also the topic of sympathy which is commonly related and is often showing feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else 's misfortune. In Jamison’s essay her craving for empathy from others can be easily seen as her wanting or needing sympathy from others to help her get through her many issues. Jamison never comes to realize that her life isn’t as bad as it may seem. Throughout the essay Jamison finds a clever way to chime in and out of two different stories describing different parts of her life, along with tying them both together with the topic of empathy. Jamison’s use pathos throughout her essay allows her to manipulate the readers’ curiosity, thoughts, and feelings toward the emotional reactions of others.

Jamison constantly makes certain claims in her essay stating that everyone should show empathy to others. Jamison goes through her days working as a medical actor. During this time, she earns $13.50 and hour for reading off of scripts under the names of fake hospital patients with fake diseases or ailments. This is so that new,…

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