Analysis Of The Editor 's ' Shia Girls ' By Kathleen Jamie Essay

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The editors of our book stated, “Travel writing produced places that could be thought of as barren, empty, unleveled … [and] needful of European influence and control” (319). Meanwhile, Kathleen Jamie’s essay “Shia Girls’ is a piece of travel writing that produced an idea of Pakistan for her Western readers. The keyword in the editor 's’ description of travel writing is “control,” both generally and for Pakistan. Before reading Jamie’s essay, Pakistan seemed an “empty” place for me and probably for most Americans. In our minds, when we think about Pakistan or Afghanistan, we think of terrorists or, as Jamie worries her Scottish neighbors might think, “All Afghans were terrorists? All we got on the news was anthrax and bombs and bin Laden”(6). Reading Jamie’s essay, however, you get a whole different perspective mainly with the women and how they act and what their insights on Western ideas and lifestyles. Jamie starts off by giving the quoted letter from rashida, a Shia girl she says, “Your lifestyle is very strange and difficult to us; we live a simple and Islamic life.” This shows how Middle Eastern women look at our lives in America, very different and complex to their understanding. Jaime including the letter in her writing, shows the importance of Rashida’s being is to her, she gives her a primary insight on how Shia girls work. The sisters are also show how controlled they are by the mean they 're, “ A baby! For one year she did not look at me” one part of…

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