Analysis Of The Drama Educating Rita By Willy Russell And The Collage Picture Book `` Windows `` By Jennie Baker

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Transitions are changes which may by intentional or inevitable and they create and disconnect relationships, due to new perspectives. Transitions are explored within the drama Educating Rita by Willy Russell and the collage picture book “Windows” by Jennie Baker. The drama explores transitions through the relationship between Rita, a working class women and Frank a university professor, as Rita strives to break free of the class boundaries that restrict her and become educated, allowing her to create a new life for herself. The book “Windows” displays the evolution of a village as a young boy transition into a man.
Transitions may be intentional, but can put those who attempt such a thing on the wrong path. The Drama, “Educating Rita “shows her making mistakes as she attempts to become a member of the educated middle class. Rita’s intentions are to change, and she begins with her name “Susan…it’s me real name…I’ve changed it to Rita,” revealing that she wants to transition into a new person and leave Susan behind. Often intentional transition my lead us on a false path, causing us to assume that there is only one proper way to do something. This is exhibited when Rita arrives in Frank’s office speaking in an artificial middle class voice, and when Frank questions her about it, she replies, “I have merely decided to talk properly.” This reveals that Rita has changed externally and her initial intention was to change internally as she declared, “if you want to change y’ have…

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