Essay about Analysis Of The Documentary ' The Place At The Table '

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On America’s Biggest Insecurity:
Not Weight, Not Age, Not Looks, but Food Not one, not two, not three…but an estimated 50 million Americans suffer from some form of food insecurity as stated within the documentary, A Place at the Table (2012), which entails the harsh realities faced by America’s poor and lower class citizens. This translates to 1 in 6 Americans being impacted by food insecurity with children facing a higher proportion with 1 in 4 of America’s children suffering from the devastating impacts of food insecurity. The documentary aforementioned mainly follows the lives of three individuals: Barbie – a single-mother in Philadelphia who grew up in poverty and is striving to provide a better life for her two children, Tremonica – a second-grader in Mississippi who has asthma and health problems that are compounded by the mostly empty-calories her industrious mother can afford, and Rosie – a fifth-grader in Colorado who often has to rely on friends and neighbors for food and has trouble focusing in school due to being so hungry. Each one of the three individuals show how poverty can lead to many of the other problems and how it affects our children, such as: malnutrition, worse overall health, less access to a better education, decline of the nation’s economy, and negative social effects due to social unrest like crime. For children in poor families as was observed in the documentary with Barbie’s son he has been affected by poverty due to malnutrition since the…

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