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For decades North Korea has been viewed by the world as the most oppressive regime of the modern day. Today, thanks to the investigative journalism from Japan’s, Jiro Ishimaru, and others, the world is able to see the inside of North Korea, exposing the country for what it truly is. In Ishimaru’s documentary, the film begins with Ishimaru demonstrating to the viewer how he conducts his job of smuggling video footage out of the country. He talks about the danger of his work and uses examples from his footage. The documentary then switches gears and begins to show footage of poverty and starvation within the country, specifically footage of poor starving orphans and even interviews a former orphan. The former orphan talks about his experience escaping North Korea as a young boy and seeking refuge in South Korea.
After introductions the documentary presents the country’s biggest issue, Kim Jung Un, and his rise to power over the North Korean people. A background of Kim Jung Un’s childhood and early life are told which later transitions into his rise to power, after the death of his father Kim Jung Il. Unlike His father and grandfather, who were both former leaders, the North Korean people do not love Kim Jung Un. As a result Kim Jung Un feels the need to rule over his people with a reign of terror in order to obtain control. He has gone as far as executing his own uncle, threatening the United States with nuclear missiles, and much more.
The documentary highly emphasizes the…

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