Analysis Of The Documentary ' Sicko ' Essay

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After watching the Documentary “Sicko” I was disgusted, I was embarrassed to live in a country that would do this to their own people. I was surprised that almost fifty million Americans are uninsured, and those that are insured are victims of insurance fraud. Why pay for insurance when the people the run the company are going to try to stop you from using it. That fact that America was ranked 37 out of 191 in the world health system is enough to make you think “is my country doing everything it can to protect me, and protect its own citizens of the United States”. We are actually rank lower than and equal to countries with much less economic wealth.
A lot of people say that Canada has the best health system, that they are number 1 when it comes to helping and curing their citizens. I found it hard to believe that they are number one. I grew up in a country that is constantly telling me that we are number one, that there is no one better that us. After watching “Sicko” I’m starting to think that none of it is true, why would my government lie to me. In the documentary the name Tommy Douglas comes up a lot, who is Tommy Douglas and why have I never heard of him. In Canada he is described as the greatest Canadian in 2004 for his contributions to the Canadian health system. This got me thinking where’s our Tommy Douglas of course I’m writing base on the year the film came out, way before Obama Care.
When Bill Clinton was brought into office I was never aware of what…

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