Analysis Of The Documentary ' Sicko ' By Michael Moore Essay

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Issues are represented in visual texts through manipulation of visual and persuasive language by a director, in order to present their perspective. Sicko, by Michael Moore, is a documentary that investigates the corrupt relationship between HMOs and the United States government, and while doing so, highlights the way in which HMOs and drug companies buy politicians’ support and then use the media and their bought political power to dismantle anyone who attempts to expose or oppose them. The file footage, facts and statistics, and anecdotes employed in the documentary assist in exposing the mass corruption that runs rampant in the American government and media, positioning a viewer to see it for the bribery and selfishness that it is, and in turn compelling them to expose the politicians, HMOs and media guilty of participating.

File footage in the documentary exposes how politicians and the media work together, under the power and control of the HMOs, to present a deprecatory image of those (people or foreign systems) that oppose the American healthcare system. The file footage first shows various clips from Hillary Clinton’s campaign for universal healthcare in America, summarising her aim: free, high-quality, unconditional healthcare for all Americans, regardless of factors such as employment statue, preexisting conditions and social status. However, it then shows us the media and congress’ reaction to Clinton’s movement. The file footage showcases how vehemently they…

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