Analysis Of The Documentary ' Night And Fog ' Essay

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Night and Fog, a short war documentary filmed ten years after world war two, was directed by Alain Resnais opened up with depicting the heavily guarded landscapes surrounding the concentration camps in color. While some scenes were portrayed in color, the majority of the film was depicted in black and white. This film was narrated in French by Michel Bouquet. Displaying Nazi terrorism, this film was proven to be disturbing among many audiences. The Nazi’s dehumanized the members of the concentration camps as shown in the scenes where they are huddled up naked, shaved, tattooed, and numbered. The inmates are forced to wear blue-striped uniforms and are classified as “Nacht und Nebel,” which means Night and Fog in English. Many useless operations, and experiments were done on inmates by doctors. This documentary explored the cruel actions being placed on inmates during the holocaust. The way this documentary started was noticeably relaxing, however once the train tracks were shown the documentary began to allow the audience to refresh their memory about the events that took place in the holocaust. Despite this documentary running for 32 minutes, time is not wasted in hopes of reviewing the holocaust with terrifying imagery. Resnais does a great job showing us not only what the inmates went through, but what the Shutzstaffel go through as well. He shows us where they ate, where they stayed, and he showed us a brothel as well. Overall the camera work was fantastic as it blended…

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