Analysis Of The Documentary ' New York Essay examples

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During the 19th century, New York was an average populated area that will then multiply its population at an incredible rate. It was throughout this period that New York experienced revolutionary change. According to historian Kenneth T. Jackson, “in 1800 New York had only 100,000 people and by 1900 it had 50 times as many people”. The documentary begins by telling the life of Walt Whitman as a child born in long island who enjoyed playing baseball in the vacant fields. The documentary talks about the economic impact of the Erie canal after it was opened in October 1825. After the opening of the Erie canal, New York became an industrial city. According to historian Wallace “by the time of the civil war, New York was the biggest industrial city in the united states” New York was no longer seen as a port it was now the place that attracted people, ideas, money, and conflict. Throughout the documentary many excerpts and quotes from people’s reactions and feelings towards New York are presented for example at the beginning of the documentary the filmmakers present Frederick Douglass reaction when he first arrived in New York from Baltimore. Many of the quotations share the idea of describing New York as a great place filled with diversity and opportunities. One particular ‘New York lover’ was a man by the name of Walt Whitman. Walt Whitman arrived in New York in 1841 at the age of 22 looking for a job as a newspaperman. Whitman wrote many poems throughout his life time but he…

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