Analysis Of The Documentary ' Killing Us Softly 4, Miss Representation, Byron Hurt Hip Hop Beyond Beat & Rhymes

1344 Words May 18th, 2016 6 Pages
Roy was very insecure about his body so he changed how he ate in order to get the body he wanted. Roy tried to change his body to what society wants and what major companies expect. Major companies put the idea of change is the only way to live life to its fullest. In the documentaries Jean Kilbourne’s Killing US Softly 4, Miss Representation, Byron Hurt Hip-Hop beyond Beat & Rhymes. We see how hyper masculinity and hyper femininity is shaping out society. Big Companies will do any thing to sell their product, no matter whom they hurt. Several major companies use gender stereotypes just to sell their product such as dehumanization, putting down people, and over sexualizing both genders just to help their product to sell. In the documentary, Killing Us Softly 4 by Jean Killbourne’s the documentarian follows the issues with advertising, which is just getting worse and worse as time goes on, major companies are now doing anything to sell their product. As said in the documentary, Killing Us Softly 4 “Advertising tells women that what’s most important is how they look, and ads surround us with the image of ideal female beauty. However, this flawlessness cannot be achieved. It’s a look that been created through airbrushing, cosmetics, and computer retouching.” This idea of perfect beauty shows how today’s standards are basically impossible and companies are forcing them into our new…

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