Analysis Of The Documentary ' Go Back On Where You Came From '

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“Go Back to Where You Came From” is a powerful documentary series that first aired on the 21st of June 2011. (SBS, copyright 2015) It features the journey of six Australians, all with very personal views about asylum seekers, living the refugee experience in reverse for a period of 25 days. This assignment task requires us to analyse and evaluate how well the documentary persuades the audience to adopt the invited reading of feeling empathy for the refugees coming here to Australia (N. Maine, 2016). The techniques of mise-en-scene, post-production and cinematography are used continuously to explore in detail the harsh conditions of which many refugees have lived in their home countries and why they are so determined to come to Australia.

A powerful, thought provoking scene, used towards the start of the documentary occurs when all participants arrive at the former defence fortress in Sydney (Go Back to Where You Came From, 2011). Strategically chosen by the producers of “Go Back to Where You Came From” this location provides a powerful use of mise-en-sene. Reflecting upon how many people have tried to flee to Australia from their own country, and the negative reaction many people have regarding the illegal immigrants. The fortress used in this documentary “was built in the 1800’s, and used to fight off any enemy ships that came close to the town, and to beat down any convict uprising” (Environment and Heritage, copyright)and was effectively used to keep non-British…

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